Dagu 34: 1 Wild Thumper Encoder with Motor

DAGU 34:1 Wild Thumper Encoder With Motor

Encoders use custom made eight-pole magnets and 2 haff-impact sensors to offer 2 sq. waves, 90 degree out of stage with a total of 16 point out adjustments for every motor revolution.
These encodoers can operate with the two three.3V and 5V logic sustems and have reverse polarity protection constructed into the sensors.
And this geared motor/encoder combination is CZPT as a independent product.
Each and every package will come in a white box with English instruction manual.


Remember to permit me know which alternative you need as under:


75:1 gearbox


34:one gearbox


Dagu 34: 1 Wild Thumper Encoder with Motor