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Electric DC Water Pump Submersible Motor

CZPT dc water pump submersible motor

Conform to global normal of IEC34-ICE, entire blocked asynchronous motor with squirrel cage rotor.
Outer shell, shaft and bottom manufactured of stainless steel.
Copper annoy or Nickel plated solid-iron higher and bracket.
Swedish bearing or equivalent products undertaking larger thrust load.
Italian mechanical seals.
Stress computerized altering unit created of oil and h2o evidence reformed butyl-rubber.
Strain automated modifying device produced of oil and water proof reformed butyl-rubber.
Flange connector underneath the regular of NEMA (United states of america Nationwide CZPTal Manufacturing Association).
Lacquer-coated wire conformed to United states common of NEMA MW37-C.

Chinese patent item, phony and imitation will be investigated. Patent No.: ZL99240666.eight ZL99317606.two

Ratings: Singlephase: .25kW – 2.2kW, threephase: .55kW – seven.5kW
Voltage: Singlephase 220/230V (-six% +10%) or 230/240V (+six% -ten%) 50Hz, Threephase 230V or 400V ± 10% 50Hz
Thrust load: 1500N (.25kW – .75kW) NFS4
2500N (1.1kW – five.5kW) NFS4
4500N (three.0kW – 7.5kW) NFS4
Diploma of defense: IP68
Insulation: Class B
Max. Ambient temperature: 35 Dgrees
Minimal cooling flow alongside the motor: 8cm/sec.
H2o pH: six.5 – 8.
Highest starts for every hour: thirty
Maximum submerged depth: 150 meter
Vertical or horizontal mounting placement
Motor secured by temperature compensated thermal relay and extra-fast journey.
Overload trip time: Less than ten seconds (when 5 times of score recent)
Flat water proof cable 4× two. mm2 with divided earth wire
Dimension: 19.2× 6.2mm2 Cable length: 1.1-1.5m (.twenty five – 3. kW) two.3-two.5m(four. – five.5kW) 2.eight-3.0m (seven.5kW)
Special scaled solution required by clients can be presented

Electric DC Water Pump Submersible Motor