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Moreover, WE CAN Make Customized VARIATORS, GEARED MOTORS, Electrical MOTORS AND OTHER HYDRAULIC Items In accordance TO CUSTOMERS’ DRAWINGS. Much more importantly, we make particular parts according to provided drawings/samples and warmly welcome OEM inquiries. EPG has been efficiently accredited by ISO9002 Top quality Management Program, ISO9001 Quality Management Technique, API certification, ISO/TS16949:2002 and ISO10012 measurement administration method. Centrifugal Horizontal Extremely Chrome alloy AH EPT EPT

1. HS collection slurry pump is made for the steady pumping of higher abrasive, EPT slurries with nominal upkeep demands. The donning areas are produced of ultra chrome or and rubber. It will preserve large performance in excess of the put on existence of its elements.

2. The steel moist areas and rubber kinds can be interchangeable for managing various liquids or slurries.

three. HS slurry pumps are offered in dimensions ranging from 1 inch to 18 inch discharge and attribute higher performance efficiency capable of movement charges from ten.eight to 5400 m sup3/h and heads up to a hundred twenty five meters for substantial head models.

1. Cylindrical structure of bearing assembly: hassle-free to modify the place amongst impeller and JCEP liner
and can beremoved fully
two. Interchangeable anti-abrasive wet areas created of high-chrome alloys
3. Casing halves of ductile iron with exterior reinforcing ribs give higher working force abilities
and an additional evaluate of safety.
4. The discharge branch can be oriEPTTd to any eigEPTT positions at the interval of 45 levels
five. Numerous EPT varieties: DC(direct relationship), V-belt EPT, EPT box EPTT, EPT couplings, VFD,
SCR manage, and so forth
6. The shaft seal uses the EPTT seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal

Common Software:

#8226 Mineral processing #8226 EPT #8226 EPTT Washery #8226 Cyclone feeds
#8226 Bentonite #8226 EPTT slurry #8226 EPTEPTTng #8226 Mill grinding
#8226 Ash hXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. #8226 Tunnel #8226 Squander sludge #8226 Coarse sand
#8226 Lime mud #8226 Phosphoric acid #8226 EPTT #8226 EPTT
#8226 Alumina JCEP #8226 EPTT Plant #8226 Potash FerEPTTzer Plant #8226 Other EPTT
#8226 Iron ore sand #8226 JCEP Focus #8226 EPT EPT #8226Molybdenum

Product Max EPTT
Inlet amp Outlet dimensions (inch) EPT for Use Components Circulation Charge (Q) EPT
EPTTeller Dia.
m sup3/hr l/s
25HS-B 15 1.5/one M twelve.6~28.eight three.5~8 six~sixty eight 1200~3800 152
R ten.8~twenty five.2 three~7 seven~52 1400~3400 152
40HS-B fifteen 2/one.five M 32.four~seventy two nine~20 6~fifty eight 1200~3200 184
R 25.2~fifty four 7~15 5.five~forty one 1000~2600 178
50HS-C thirty three/2 M 39.six~86.four 11~24 twelve~sixty four 1300~2700 214
R 36~75.six 10~21 thirteen~46 1300~2300 213
75HS-C 30 four/3 M 86.4~198 24~55 9~52 1000~2200 245
R seventy nine.two~one hundred eighty 22~50 five~34.five 800~1800 245
100HS-D sixty six/4 M 162~360 40~100 12~fifty six 800~1550 365
R 144~324 40~90 twelve~forty five 800~1350 365
150HS-E 120 eight/6 M 360~828 one hundred~230 10~61 five hundred~1140 510
R 324~720 ninety~two hundred seven~forty nine four hundred~1000 510
200MS-E 120 ten/eight M 666~1440 185~four hundred fourteen~sixty 600~1100 549
200HS-ST 560 ten/8 M 612~1368 170~380 11~61 four hundred~850 686
R 540~1188 one hundred fifty~330 twelve~50 400~750 686
250HS-ST 560 twelve/10 M 936~1980 260~550 seven~sixty eight three hundred~800 762
R 720~1620 200~450 7~forty five 300~650 762
300HS-TU 560 fourteen/twelve M 1260~2772 350~770 thirteen~sixty three 300~600 965
R 1152~2520 320~700 13~forty four 300~500 965
350HS-TU 1200 16/fourteen M 1368~3060 380~850 eleven~sixty three 250~550 1067
450HS-TU 1200 20/18 M 2520~5400 seven-hundred~1500 thirteen~fifty seven two hundred~four hundred 1370
25HHS-C 30 one.five/one M sixteen.2~34.two four.five~nine.5 twenty five~ninety two 1400~2200 330
50HHS-D sixty three/two M 68.4~136.eight 19~38 25~87 850~1400 457
75HHS-E 120 four/three M 126~252 35~70 twelve~ninety seven 600~1400 508
100HHS-E a hundred and twenty 6/four M 324~720 ninety~200 30~118 600~one thousand 711
150HHS-S 560 eight/6 M 468-1008 a hundred thirty~280 20~ninety four 500~1000 711

For the substance of wearing parts,
quotM quot = metallic, ultra chromium alloy quotR quot = anti-abrasive rubber

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