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Mould Electromagnetic Stirrer of China Exporter

Mould Electromagnetic Stirrer


Electromagnetic Stirrer &lparEMS&rpar is regularly used on CCM&lparcontinuous casting machine of bloom&solbillet&rpar&commainstalled in the mould&comma strand or ultimate&period Most EMS are mounted exterior or within the mould&comma which is dependent on the problems of your casters&period of time CZPTerized adjustment that you can use Mould-EMS &plus Closing EMS jointly to achieve a much better metallurgical effects&time period

Functioning Principle&colon

An inductive Electromagnetic Stirrer is the stator of an asynchronous motor&comma the rotor of which is the liquid core of the constantly forged product in CCM&period This stator generates either a rotating or a traveling magnetic induction subject&comma which induces eddy existing perpendicular to magnetic subject&interval The stirrer creates cell magnetic fields&comma which penetrate into the liquid metal&comma and creates eddy recent&periodThe magnetic induction field and the eddy current combine to create an electro-magnetic drive&comma which leads to the stirring movement in the liquid steel&period During cooling and solidification of liquid steel&comma columnar dendrites are formed which are oriented alongside the route of temperature gradient&interval This triggers central segregation and inter-columnar cracking when the reliable shell is subjected to tensile strains for the duration of solidification&period

Electromagnetic stirring of liquid steel facilitates a lot quicker dissipation of superheat and the development of an equi-axed structure in the solid item&period of time Stirring of liquid pool will improve the interior structuredue to better warmth transfer between solidification front and liquid metallic pool&period of time The equi-axed zone in the solid product will increase whilst the central segregation will minimize&period It will also aid in reduction of breakouts during operation of CCM owing to far better dissipation of heat&period


EMS consists of coil&comma electric controller and cooling h2o technique&period CZPTal controller consists ofremote IPC&comma local manage cupboard &lparPLC&solIPC&rpar and frequency inverter cabinet&period MEMS CZPT Magnetic Stirrer Maker –ShenGang MEMS has two sorts in accordance to the mould relative situation as&colonCrystallizer Constructed-in Kind& Crystallizer Exteriorized Kind&period There are three kinds of EMS according to set up place&colon
–Mould Electromagnetic Stirrer &colon M-EMS
–Strand Electromagnetic Stirrer&colon S-EMS
–Last Electromagnetic Stirrer&colon F-EMS

About Inquiry&colon

I&period There are three kinds of EMS according to installation position&colon 
1&period Mold Electromagnetic Stirrer&colon M-EMS
2&period Strand Electromagnetic Stirrer&colon S-EMS
3&period Final Electromagnetic Stirrer&colon F-EMS

II&periodDo you need built-in type electromagnetic stirrer or built-out type electromagnetic stirrer&quest
Mold electromagnetic stirrer&lparM-EMS&rpar is divided into built-in and built-out type according to its relative position with crystallizer&solcasting mold&time period

— Built-in variety electromagnetic stirrer is installed inside drinking water tank of mildew&solcrystallizer&time period
— Constructed-out kind electromagnetic stirrer put in on crystallizer&solcasting mould ‘s periphery&period

III&periodWhat is the dimension of your crystallizer&solcasting mould&quest Make sure you supply drawing for us&period of time

IV&periodDo you need purchase complete equipment or only need stirrer&quest
complete equipment is including stirrer and control part equipment&interval

Product Installation Position MF Modes Casting blank fracturemm Noticeable capability
All round dimensionmm Mass
DJMR-2832NS Inner of Mildew Rotary MF 280&ast320 260 two-ten five hundred φ820&ast420 540
DJMR-2525NS 350&ast250 220 3-twelve four hundred seven-hundred&ast420 400
DJMR-2222NS 220&ast220 one hundred eighty three-twelve four hundred 660&ast400 360
DJMR-2571NS 200&ast200 a hundred and fifty three-twelve four hundred 660&ast400 360
DJMR-1616NS 160&ast160 130 three-12 350 670&ast476 320
DJMR-1515NS 150&ast150 140 3-twelve three hundred 580&ast500 three hundred
DJMR-2838WC Exterior of Mildew 280&ast380 350 three-eleven 550 1240&ast500 1600
DJMR-2528WC 250&ast280 260 two-nine 360 1120&ast470 one hundred ten
DJMR-2222WC 220&ast220 240 two-nine 360 900&ast480 850
DJMR-2571WS 200&ast200 two hundred 2-10 360 830&ast350 680

Mould Electromagnetic Stirrer of China Exporter