Permanent Magnet Frequency Conversion Synchronous Motor Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Motor Tpym75-20 55kw IP55 380V

Permanent Magnet Frequency Conversion Synchronous Motor Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Motor Tpym75-20 55kw IP55 380V

Everlasting magnet synchronous frequency conversion motor
TYFB sequence dust explosion-evidence permanent magnet direct travel motor
TPYM series powder separator long lasting magnet direct generate motor
TYPD sequence belt conveyor long term magnet direct push motor
TYDT series hoist permanent magnet direct push motor

Long term magnet synchronous frequency conversion motor
Everlasting magnets are embedded on the rotor to replace the squirrel cage or windings on the rotor of the asynchronous motor. The rotor winding of an asynchronous motor is used to minimize the rotating magnetic field created by the stator winding, produce induced electromotive power and recent, and sort an electromagnetic torque to make the motor rotate. The air hole magnetic field of a permanent magnet motor is generated by permanent magnets. Due to the inherent characteristics of long lasting magnets, After it is pre-magnetized (magnetized), it can build a magnetic field in the bordering place CZPT extra power

one. Lower pace and large torque. The technique operates at low speed and large output torque. When starting, its peak torque can achieve much more than two moments the rated torque, which solves the issue of heavy load beginning of the products. In the course of its procedure, the torque output is steady, which makes certain the steady procedure of the equipment.
two. Higher efficiency and strength preserving. The everlasting magnet motor utilizes long term magnet excitation, which has large performance and large electricity factor. It can preserve an performance of a lot more than 90% inside of the assortment of twenty five%-one hundred twenty% of the rated load. In comparison with the traditional driving strategy, the total method The performance can be improved by a lot more than twenty%.
three. Safe and reliable, long lasting magnet synchronous motor has easy framework, stable material performance, large overload multiple frequency conversion technological innovation is ever more mature, widely employed, vector handle, comprehensive security. As a result, the long term magnet variable frequency direct drive system has a huge quantity of procedure, which is protected and trustworthy, and generally servicing-cost-free.
4. Adopting a exclusive framework with more and much less slots, and the ideal number of slot-to-pole matching is summarized by means of repeated sort exams and case verification. The back again-EMF waveform is nearer to a sine wave. The exclusive magnetic isolation ring structure is adopted to decrease magnetic leakage and boost content utilization and energy element.

five. Undertake superior 3D drawing design, SolidWorks strength simulation, ANSYS discipline evaluation and other style techniques to make the merchandise framework more dependable and reasonable.
6. The magnetic metal adopts large temperature resistance 180ºC large temperature resistance quality, 38UH magnetic vitality material with much better magnetic vitality iron main adopts 50W470 lower decline cold-rolled non-oriented silicon metal sheet stator winding adopts multi-layer varnish movie frequency conversion enameled copper wire, distinctive The warmth dissipation technique is assured by the sophisticated whole generation approach, which makes the merchandise safer and a lot more dependable.

Permanent Magnet Frequency Conversion Synchronous Motor Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Motor Tpym75-20 55kw IP55 380V


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