Three Phase Cast Iron Electric Motor 0.75kw-280kw

Three Phase Cast Iron Electric Motor 0.75kw-280kw

Motor Features:
1. Frame size:H80-355MM
2. Power:.seventy five-315Kw
three. Voltage: 380V
4. Rated Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
five. Poles: 2 / 4 / 6 
6. Speed: 960 -2980 r/min
7. Ambient Temperature: -15°C-40°C 
8. Model of CONEECTION: Y-Connection for 3 KW motor or less while Delta-Connection for 4 KW motor or more
nine. Mounting:  B3 B5 B35 
10. Current: 1.eight-585.81A (AC)
11. Duty: continuous (S1)
twelve. Insulation Class:  B
13. Protection Class:  IP54,IP55
fourteen. Frame material: aluminum body(56-132 frame), cast iron(eighty-355 frame)
15. Terminal box : Top or Side 
16. Cooling Method: IC411 CZPTs
17. Altitude: No more than 1,000 meters above sea level

3 stage asynchronous motor

Commonly applied in standard equipment and industries these kinds of as pumps & h2o remedy, road machinery, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, cement and paper-milling.
IP55 protection, Class F insulation, B Temperature rise, S1 responsibility
Rated voltage 380V/400V/415V, rated frequency 50HZ
Operation circumstances: Ambient temperature: -twenty~forty, altitude<1000m
Y-relationship for motors up to 3KW and connection for 4KW and previously mentioned
Cooling strategy is IC411

ME2 sequence three period asynchronous motor is large efficient electrical motors with aluminum housing. It is xinwang developed high performance electrical motors with compact dimension, light bodyweight, beautiful appearance. Its efficiency indicators are in line with CZPTpe and Australia IE2 substantial standard(Degree 1B)
Performance attain IE2 standard. Mounting dlmenslons is in accordance IEC normal.
IP55 protection, F-course insulation, B-amount temperature rise, S1 responsibility, rated voltage 380V/400V/415V, 50HZ
Working Circumstances: Ambient temperature -15-forty, over sea degree<1000m

Y2 Sequence Three phase Asynchronous Motors (body 80-355mm, energy .eight-315KW) are the renewal and upgrading items of Y series, are described as entirely enclosed enthusiast cooling, squirrel cage kind, and noted for its novel design, nice appearance, reduced noise, substantial performance, large torque, excellent commencing performance, compact structure, effortless maintenance and so on. 

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Observe: All the things are primarily based on the complex Data: IP54, F-amount insulation, 380volts, 50Hz
Y, Y2 collection of three section asynchronous motors
Seq. Item Code  Rated Energy (kW) Seq. Merchandise Code  Rated Electricity (kW)
one 801-2 .75 fifty six 250M-4 fifty five
two 802-two one.1 57 250M-6 37
three 801-four .55 58 250M-8 thirty
4 802-four .75 59 280S-2 75
5 802-six .55 60 280M-2 ninety
6 90S-2 1.five sixty one 280S-four seventy five
seven 90L-2 2.2 62 280M-four ninety
eight 90S-4 1.1 63 280S-6 forty five
9 90L-four 1.five sixty four 280M-six 55
10 90S-six .seventy five sixty five 280S-eight 37
eleven 90L-six 66 280M-eight forty five
twelve 100L-2 three 67 315M-two 132
thirteen 100L1-4 two.2 68 315L1-2 a hundred and sixty
14 100L2-4 3 69 315L2-2 200
15 100L-6 1.five 70 315S-four one hundred ten
16 112M-two four 71 315M-4 132
seventeen 112M-4 4 seventy two 315L1-4 a hundred and sixty
18 112M-6 two.2 seventy three 315L2-four 200
19 132S1-two 5.five seventy four 315S-6 seventy five
twenty 132S2-two seven.five 75 315M-six ninety
21 132S-four 5.five seventy six 315L1-6 110
22 132M-4 seven.five seventy seven 315L2-six 132
23 132S-six 3 seventy eight 315S-eight fifty five
24 132M1-six four 79 315M-eight 75
25 132M2-6 five.five eighty 315L1-8 90
26 132S-eight two.two 81 315L2-eight 110
27 132M-8 three eighty two 315S-10 forty five
28 160M1-two 11 eighty three 315M-10 fifty five
29 160M2-2 fifteen eighty four 315L1-ten seventy five
30 160L-two eighteen.5 eighty five 315L2-ten 90
31 160M-4 eleven 86 355M1-two 220
32 160L-four 15 87 355M2-2 250
33 160M-6 7.five 88 355L1-two 280
34 160L-six eleven 89 355L2-2 315
35 160M1-eight four ninety 355M1-four 220
36 160M2-eight 5.five ninety one 355M2-4 250
37 160L-eight 7.five ninety two 355L1-4 280
38 180M-2 22 ninety three 355L2-four 315
39 180M-four eighteen.5 ninety four 355M1-six a hundred and sixty
40 180L-four 22 ninety five 355M1-six 185
41 180L-six fifteen 96 355M2-6 200
forty two 180L-8 11 ninety seven 355L1-6 220
43 200L1-2 thirty ninety eight 355L2-six 250
forty four 200L2-two 37 ninety nine 355M1-eight 132
forty five 200L-4 thirty a hundred 355M2-eight 160
forty six 200L1-six 18.5 one hundred and one 355L2-eight two hundred
forty seven 200L2-six 22 102 355M1-10 110
forty eight 200L-eight fifteen 103 355M2-10 132
forty nine 225M-2 forty five 104 355L-ten a hundred and sixty
50 225S-4 37 a hundred and five 180L1-two thirty
51 225M-four forty five 106 200L2-two forty five
fifty two 225M-6 30 107 225M-2 55
fifty three 225S-eight eighteen.5 108 250M-2 75
54 225M-eight 22 109 280M-two 110
fifty five 250M-two fifty five a hundred and ten 280M-two 132

Three Phase Cast Iron Electric Motor 0.75kw-280kw


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